Why Purposeful Leadership now?

A new approach to leadership is needed: A deeper ‘way of being’ as a leader.

Today’s leaders are being called into a new way of being and leading. Traditional ways of leading and managing are no longer enough; the global business and social environment is now too complex and today’s leaders are too reactive. Today’s leaders need to demonstrate more expansive, integrated and adaptive ways of leading. Purposeful Leadership underpins these attributes.

Purposeful Leadership is a quality of being-in-action.

It is a leader’s deeply grounded internal reference-point that guides them towards wise action, now and for the future. Purposeful leaders evoke action that is systemic, holistic, inclusive, comprehensive, and positively impacting. And they do so naturally for themselves, the ‘organisations’ they lead, and the people they serve.

Purposeful Leadership delivers improved business performance.

Social systems are diverse and complex – they are living systems. Today’s leaders need to navigate complex, non-linear and emergent business and social environments. A leader needs to know what do to in the moment, and do it, naturally. Purposeful Leadership grounds a leader in the present moment and calls forth wise action that results in improved business performance and social value.