My coaching approach

Coaching with me is intense. As your coach I will create a ‘space of potentiality’ for you — a space that allows you to explore what matters deeply to you, reflect upon your successes and learn from your challenges, and cultivate your commitment to realising your most important goals.

My commitment to you is this:

  • you will experience greater freedom, clarity and and confidence in your life and work.
  • you will experience greater alignment with, and commitment to, living your life 'on purpose'.
  • you will experience greater resilience and improved agility in delivering upon your your ideas and  innovations.

My offer

The focus of my coaching is #ImpactInnovation.

Utilising my Innovation Journey process I work with you to  'spot' your innovation opportunity and progress your ideas from conceptualisation to implementation. Then I work with you to systematise and scale your innovation so that it delivers with impact.

If you know you have a great idea, but are not able to execute it then I am the coach for you.

What to expect

I coach with a unique blend of big-picture thinking coupled with pragmatic application; large-scale commerciality balanced with ‘boot strapping’ entrepreneurialism; and creativity and innovation with a keen eye on delivering tangible business results.

My promise to you is a deeply human experience that is strategic, collaborative, responsive, transparent and transformative. The success of our coaching partnership is that you say at its conclusion, “I don’t need you anymore.”

Check out what others have to say about me to learn more about what to expect.

Your coaching program

I will design a coaching program to support you to realise your most important innovation goals. All of the programs I develop are based in cutting-edge psychological, behavioural, entrepreneurial and business theory and practice.

Your coaching program will adopt a five weekly delivery 'rhythm':

  • Week 1: #ImpactInnovation Strategy Session (90-minutes | 1:1 | online)
  • Week 2: #ImpactInnovation Accountability Coaching Conversation (20-minutes | 1:1 | online) 
  • Week 3: #ImpactInnovation Implementation Coaching Session  (60-minutes | 1:1 | online)
  • Week 4: #ImpactInnovation Accountability Coaching Conversation (20-minutes | 1:1 | online) 
  • Week 5: #ImpactInnovation Review Session (60-minutes | 1:1 | online) 

Every three-months we conduct a comprehensive review our progress together. I partner with you for between six and 12 months, but sometimes longer depending upon your innovation goals.

Your commitment

If you decide to engage me you can stop at any time. However, I will ask you to commit to an minimum coaching program duration of 6 months. You will begin to experience momentum towards realising your innovation goals almost immediately, but sustained momentum towards achieving your most important results with come with your commitment over an extended duration.


Getting started

To get started, simply schedule a time. 

Our initial conversation will be for 90-minutes, so select the first option (#ImpactInnovation Strategy Session) below. Once you confirm a time to speak with me, I will contact you directly via the email address you provide with additional "Getting Started" information.