About Stillness

Stillness is a debut poetry collection exploring the stillness and beauty within each moment. The poems in this collection explore possibility, love, letting go, renewal, and home, with each poem whispering an invitation of openhearted awareness of life’s many wondrous gifts.

This collection presents a journey of reflection, inquiry and redemption – a still journey that, ultimately, ends in self-renewal and a return to witnessing the effortless simplicity of life itself.

"Stillness invites you to slow down and breathe 'in sync' with each moment." 

Table Of Contents

Life Invites You              

Life invites you

to be 

fully present

to life itself

and experience

its many




This is your invitation.


Take a moment

Life invites you

Each moment


One place

Keeping my spirit at play



The changing season

An invitation

I Am Sorry

My small self

will not be sated.


Fear continues

to defend me


from my love

of you —


its relentless accusations,

questioning your motives,

bear down on me

and hold me in

my small-minded ways

of seeing —

                in this moment

I am unable

to witness you

and your full radiance. 

Be ready


[ Love ]



Love’s yearning

A private moment with William

The practice of courage


You know who you are

The importance of love


Be love itself



The rain

Letting go

The dream

Sitting alone

The embrace

Fool’s gold

A memory

Timeless witness



The Importance Of Love

To fully appreciate the importance of love, to be struck dumb in awe of love's beauty

and my love for her expression —
that is the purpose of life.

The importance of telling loved ones that they really do matter,

the no-holding-back, heart-wide-open kind of telling, spoken from the very depths of

your heart and expressed with the very fullness of your being —

that is the purpose of life. To fully love the infinite expressions of another’s life

unfolding,  honouring, cherishing, nurturing each moment in all its fullness 

and bringing yourself wholeheartedly into that exquisiteness —

that is the purpose of life.


And to bear witness to the little things,

those moments of ordinary magic that stop you in a heart beat

and that invite you to pay full attention to life’s love of you —

that is the purpose of life. 


The painting

Life’s joy

Mindful living

Embracing fear

The need


New directions


The northern wind

We are


[ HOME ]


Life’s dancehall

The moon’s bow


The flame

The last time

This moment

Open your heart

Be humble