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In 5 days and less than 1-hour a day, learn how to apply five simple mindset hacks for creating Positivity-On-Demand and change the direction of your life, FOREVER.

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Hosted by Dr Richard Harmer (PhD)

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✅ WHY some people struggle to stay positive and motivated in life while others appear to have life all worked out.

✅ The difference between wishing thinking and TAKING BOLD  ACTION to create purposeful positivity and a better life.

✅ Five simple mindset hacks for overcoming fear about an uncertain or unclear future.

✅ Four essential practices for having more fun, focus and flow in your life.

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Richard’s impact for his students

“When I think of Richard I think of infinite possibilities and inspiration, someone who can challenge and inspire me to stretch myself further and find my true purpose”

Lauren Moloney

“Richard helps me play a different game - getting outside of my comfort zone and building confidence in what I know, where I spend my time and what might be possible.”

Adam Gibson

“With Richard I have reframed the way I lead people and projects. My leadership and my work now places purpose at the core - I ask the ‘why’ question before asking any other question.”

Peter McDonald

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