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Everyone wants to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life, but many people don’t. Dr Richard Harmer, a developmental psychologist and personal transformation coach, has helped 1000s of people to pursue their best life aligned to their unique passions, purpose and potential. In this podcast, Richard unpacks the best of what developmental psychology, positive mindset and the human potential movement has to offer and dispels the common misconception that life is meant to be a struggle.



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Pursuing your life's highest purpose – your unique North Star– invites you to live your fullest potential. Do you know your pathway to find your purpose?

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The Positive Change Podcast Season 3 Episode 12: The Impermanence of All Things & Organisational Change

Do you ever feel like you are always changing and never get a chance to really catch your break and celebrate your progress?

Well, guess what? Change is bound to happen in any organisation, whether we like it or not.

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Season 3 Episode 3. Don’t overlook the power of meaningful progress.

Have you ever wondered why, despite our best intentions, we sometimes struggle to fully embrace altruism? Isn’t it an intriguing question that probes the complexities of human nature? While many of us strive to be kind and considerate, there are times when self-interest and personal concerns can overshadow our altruistic tendencies.


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The Positive Change Podcast S03E10: Breaking Free from the Mold: Honoring Your Individuality To Create Harmony

We've all experienced the pressure to conform to others' expectations that don't align with our True Selves—be it loved ones, the workplace, or society as a whole.

And many of us recognise that choosing to fit in over standing out disconnects us from our authentic selves and often leads to dissatisfaction and frustration.

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The Positive Change Podcast S03E09: Letting Go to Lead: The Surprising Power of Non-Attachment for Leaders

Leaders often face challenges in fostering positive change in organisations.

We can feel as though we are facing a “brick wall of resistance”, unable to make progress on the things that matter most.

This could be you, too. 🤔

If so, you are not alone — many others have faced similar trials.

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The Positive Change Podcast S03E08: Why a Clear Organisational Purpose is More Important Than Ever

Core to an organisation’s reason for existing (and its longevity) is its Purpose — its deepest ‘why’.


A strong and well-defined purpose is a cornerstone of an enduring organisation. It provides wavering the organisation and its people with clarity and focus as it navigates towards uncertain futures; it helps frame the myriad of decisions people will make along the journey; and, it supports people to align their personal wants and desires into a larger and more cohered collective drive towards “better”.

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The Positive Change Podcast Season 3 Episode 7:The Futures Unpacked: What Excites and Terrifies Me About What's To Come

The Futures = Infinite Potential.

As Peter Diamandis and other futurists have noted, we are living in a time of unprecedented abundance and innovation, but this comes with the challenge of adapting to a rapidly changing landscape.  

It’s true that a single definitive future can’t be predicted, but the many potential futures that await us should be forecast.

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NOW LIVE! S03E11: Overcoming the Barriers to Altruism

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: NOW LIVE! S03E11: Overcoming the Barriers to Altruism