Who is Richard Harmer?


My story in 2 minutes!

This is the story of how I exited the corporate ‘fast lane’ and became even more successful, and how I discovered my passion for helping people find the clarity, courage and commitment to transform their lives.

Psychology + Human Potential

I help change makers and new world creators build the clarity, confidence and commitment needed to have their best life.

Everyone can (and must!) live their best life. I truly believe that it’s through you living your best life that you enable others to live their best life too.

For more than twenty years, I have applied the best of what developmental psychology and the human potential movement has to offer.

I have supported over 1000 people through growth and transformation so that they can positively impact the people they love, and create positive, meaningful and long-lasting change.

My mission is simple: To help people to have their best life—a life aligned to their passions, purpose and potential.


Self-transformation is about the repetition of difference—it’s about NOT pursuing the most obvious life choice.

Many of my life’s most rewarding experiences were discovered ‘off the beaten track’, so everyday I practice:

  • Relentlessly pursuing my life’s deepest purpose.
  • Embracing every invitation that takes me to my learning edge.
  • Following life’s flow and saying ‘no’ to opportunities that feel forced.
  • Following fun and creating greater happiness for myself and others.
  • Leveraging and amplifying my efforts to positively impact others at scale.

I invite you to find your life’s positive thread too, and live your life to your full potential.

Are you ready to take REAL, momentum-building action towards having your best life?

It all starts with you believing that living your best life is possible.

I know that you believe that living the life you love, with the people you love, is possible—that is why you are here.
That is why you are in the midst of mapping out your escape plan for your current life.
That’s why your bedside table is stacked high with books about self-discovery, positivity, motivation, goals setting and ‘living a life on-purpose. And that’s why you listen to self-affirming podcasts, and watch motivational stories on Netflix or Amazon Prime or YouTube.
That’s why you have invested so much of your time, money and efforts into trying to discover what makes you ‘you’. And that’s why you continue to try and find that one missing piece that will have your life click together.

You are ready.

I believe in you.

Let’s get started, your best life is waiting for you.

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Richard’s impact for his students

“With Richard I have reframed the way I lead people and projects. My leadership and my work now places purpose at the core - I ask the ‘why’ question before asking any other question. This shift has been profound with the result being greater clarity, connection and commitment for me, the people I work with, and the projects I deliver. And this simple reframe is contagious as I now find myself offering the same insight to others.”

Peter McDonald, UCA Minister & Executive Community Engagement Unit at Uniting Communities

“Richard is a truly unique character, with an ability to drive real change in an organisation by introducing new ways of thinking and working, balanced with the practical realities of getting on with the job. His strong theoretical basis and deep experience, combined with quick thinking and fun personality meant he is a real pleasure to work with.”

Kane Thornton, CEO at Clean Energy Council

“Rarely do you meet an individual with deep expertise in two disciplines, let alone two as different yet inextricably linked in today’s workplace as behavioural psychology and business management. Richard Harmer is one such individual.
Richard’s broad experience consulting has given him an understanding of the pressures that influence businesses, whilst his psychology background allows him to provide invaluable insights into how to optimise employee and team effectiveness through sound leadership.
His counsel has been invaluable in assisting me understand the impact of change within my own team and to develop strategies to manage this change and optimise outcomes.”

Sindy Martino, National Sales Manager & Country-Lead, Veriton Pharma

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Are you ready to take REAL, momentum-building action towards having your best life?

It all starts with you believing that living your best life is possible.

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