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Which one of the following BEST describes you?

Choose from one of the following three options that best describes where you are currently at in creating, living and leading your best life.

I want to create greater personal positivity. 

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I am a pretty positive person, now what?

Life's too short not to be true to yourself. Knowing your Personal Qualities can be a powerful step in claiming your personal power, so what are your unique qualities?

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My life is great, but something's missing.

Pursuing your life's highest purpose – your unique North Star– invites you to live your fullest potential. Do you know your pathway to find your purpose?

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Richard’s reading recommendations

A curated list of books, articles and other references to support you in exploring your unique passions, purpose and potential.

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Are you ready to take REAL, momentum-building action towards having your best life?

It all starts with you believing that living your best life is possible.

I know that you believe that living the life you love, with the people you love, is possible—that is why you are here.
That is why you are in the midst of mapping out your escape plan for your current life.
That’s why your bedside table is stacked high with books about self-discovery, positivity, motivation, goals setting and ‘living a life on-purpose. And that’s why you listen to self-affirming podcasts, and watch motivational stories on Netflix or Amazon Prime or YouTube.
That’s why you have invested so much of your time, money and efforts into trying to discover what makes you ‘you’. And that’s why you continue to try and find that one missing piece that will have your life click together.

You are ready.
I believe in you.
Let’s get started, your best life is waiting for you.

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Richard’s impact for his students

“When I think of Richard I think of infinite possibilities and inspiration, someone who can challenge and inspire me to stretch myself further and find my true purpose”

Lauren Moloney

“Richard helps me play a different game - getting outside of my comfort zone and building confidence in what I know, where I spend my time and what might be possible.”

Adam Gibson

“With Richard I have reframed the way I lead people and projects. My leadership and my work now places purpose at the core - I ask the ‘why’ question before asking any other question.”

Peter McDonald

How to write your PERSONAL MANIFESTO
and change your life

We’ve all heard the cliche, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

Well, this is it—the first step!!

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