S03E11: Overcoming the Barriers to Altruism

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The Positive Change Podcast. Season 3, Episode 11: Overcoming the Barriers to Altruism

Have you ever wondered why, despite our best intentions, we sometimes struggle to fully embrace altruism? Isn’t it an intriguing question that probes the complexities of human nature? While many of us strive to be kind and considerate, there are times when self-interest and personal concerns can overshadow our altruistic tendencies.


So in this new episode of The Positive Change Podcast, I go deep into the relationship between ego and altruism and explain why developing a healthy ego benefits everyone.


Ever feel like there's a tiny version of yourself, a voice inside your head, always advocating for your own wants and needs? That's your ego, your personal cheerleader. But here's the thing: this cheerleader can sometimes hog the limelight, making you hesitate, doubt, or prioritise yourself over others. It's like having a backstage struggle between self-interest and selflessness.


But don't worry! We're not stuck in ego mode forever. According to psychologist C. Daniel Batson, genuine altruism involves caring for others without expecting anything in return, and he suggests that nurturing a healthy ego is the key.


In his book "Altruism in Humans," Batson highlights finding the right balance between self-care and caring for others. When our ego is in check, we can break free from self-centeredness and make a positive impact for ourselves and all beings.


So, join me in this podcast as I talk about how to nurture a healthy ego and altruistic spirit. Get ready to experience the joy and fulfilment that comes from selflessness. Are you in? Let's go!


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